Millennium Wealth Management Ltd act as a credit broker not a lender for buildings, contents & landlords insurance

Insurance with Millennium Wealth Management, Shrewsbury

Millennium Wealth Management offers people in Shrewsbury and the wider Shropshire area lots of different policies when it comes to insurance.

We have listed some of the more popular options which people have asked us for help with, but we also have an extensive amount of experience in all areas of insurance cover, so contact us if you want to find out more.
Home Insurance

Contents insurance

Contents insurance protects the belongings someone owns inside a building.

Items such as furniture, laptops, televisions, clothes, jewellery, DVDs, kitchenware such as pots and pans, bedding and curtains are included in this type of cover.

Additional options such as accidental damage can be included, but premiums are usually higher on these policies.

Building insurance

Building insurance provides cover for the actual physical structure of the property you want covering, and not just the fixed items inside that building.

So for instance, the doors, walls, floors and ceilings are among what is covered with this type of insurance.

Building insurance will cover you if events such as fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, vandalism and falling trees come to pass.

Unemployment cover

This is a short-term option which can last up to 12 months if you have to go through involuntary redundancy. 

It can pay the household bills such as mortgages and credit card repayments and the amount of money you want to protect will be reflected in the premiums you pay.

Landlord insurance

This kind of insurance protects landlords from any damage caused by their tenants, and can help bridge any shortfalls in rent if you are between tenants.

Normally landlords’ insurance will include buildings insurance, financial protection and accidental damage cover, and before you get a buy to let mortgage, most lenders will want to see you have insurance of this kind in place.
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